Stipendium na VŠ USA

Stipendium na VŠ USA

Nabídka vysokých škol USA -

Dear National Federations:

Around this time of year, the ICU receives many athlete requests around the world - regarding detailed information on University Cheerleading programmes and University CheerDance programmes- that have possible university scholarship opportunities and /or other higher education benefits - and further university opportunities in our Sport.

Although this is in an early build out phase- enclosed please find a resource for you to provide to your nation’s athletes (or please forward this to any athlete who may be looking for University cheerleading opportunities), - and this listing of University Cheerleading and CheerDance programmes will continue to expand over the coming weeks and months- as an excellent resource for student athletes.

Additionally, mostly due to the 100 year history of cheerleading in United States Universities- this initial list currently only shows USA university programme details at the moment, but please also forward this to any University Cheerleading or University CheerDance programme in the World- and the ICU will gladly list their information on the website for global athletes to resource. If any University Programme (Cheer or CheerDance) is interested in posting their information, they can send information through this link or they can send an informational email to (the link includes excellent examples of information for University programmes to provide).

Once again, thank you for all you do for our sport - and all the best from the ICU!

Yours in Sport,

Karl Olson Secretary General International Cheer Union